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What would you do with £10k, £20k, £50k, £100k, £500k?

MSE_Laura_FMSE_Laura_F Community Admin
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This is a fresh version of a question posed by @capital0ne back in January 2018.

What would you do with £10k, £20k, £50k, £100k, £500k?

I wonder how much the answers might vary from the last discussion?


  • lozzy1965lozzy1965 Forumite
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    I assume an additional amount of money that suddenly came my way.
    For all amounts:  Invest them but an additional £500K would allow me to retire early and throw some in the young adults' direction to get them to move out!
  • dunstonhdunstonh Forumite
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    £10k - install new fencing around one of the paddocks.
    £20k - decorate the hallway
    £50k - Put in some solar panels and a couple of windmills and a bank of batteries.
    £100k - convert one of the unused barns into living accommodation
    £500k - all the above plus take less in dividends for two years and increase company pension contributions

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  • MisslayedMisslayed Forumite, Senior Ambassador
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    £10k - pay son's credit card bill, bank the rest for emergencies 
    £20k - as above then get someone in to tile and paint kitchen and living rooms
    £50k - fly to New Zealand business class (Covid permitting) to visit good friends 
    £100k - install batteries for my PV panels, buy electric car
    £500k - all the above, plus gift son substantial deposit for house, cash gifts for all 8 step children (😳) and my granddaughters.
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  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    £10k save it

    £20k use towards deposit for bungalow

    £50k healthy deposit for bungalow.

    £100k large deposit for bungalow, take a small mortgage.

    £500k buy bungalow for cash, keep £100k in cash, some into PB's and put the rest into pension. Maybe work PT, ad hoc temping or retire after having a good rest.
  • ThrugelmirThrugelmir Forumite
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    Peoples personal circumstances differ widely.  There's too many variables to be considered to answer such a broad question......
  • LintonLinton Forumite
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    £10K-£100K add to existing portfolios
     £500K large donations to small number of charities
  • gingercordialgingercordial Forumite
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    It's all house stuff up to about £50k as we have projects in the pipeline that will take all of that over the next few years, we'd just be able to bring them forward. New drive, render/painting, flat roof refurb, kitchen etc...  Some would get used for holidays too.

    At £100k I am sure my husband would be putting the case for a nicer car in addition to the above.  I'm only not bothered as I don't drive!

    £500k would pay off a big chunk of the mortgage but unfortunately in London that isn't even the whole balance, eek!  And it would have to be over time due to ERCs so it would have to go into a mixture of investments (low/medium risk) in the meantime.  

  • DoshwasterDoshwaster Forumite
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    £10k - go somewhere warm for Christmas
    £20k - replace ageing conservatory with a proper extension
    £50k - pay off the mortgage
    £100k - All of above
    £500k - Have a good think about whether I would have enough to retire early
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