PIP Breast Implant compensation scam??

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Just wondering if anyone can help or advise; 
Long story short, my wife was one of hundreds of women in the UK to have the PIP breast implants which were not fit for purpose. Several years back a case was brought against PIP and a ruling made that victims would receive financial compensation. My wife received approx £2500, this was 6-7 years ago. This was all dealt with by law firm Olivier Aumaitre based in France. My wife is now receiving emails saying the Court of Appeal in Aix-en-Provence has confirmed that she is entitled to more compensation, a minimum of €3000 in addition to what she has already received. But in order to be eligible for this, they are demanding an 'expert deposit' of €500. Further to this, they say if this €500 is not paid, the initial compensation already awarded to her, will have to be paid back?! 
My initial reaction to this is that it's a scam; you shouldn't have to pay any money to receive money, surely. And they can't say that the compensation already awarded must be paid back?! 
I've looked online and can't find anything about this, other than recent news stories about the PIP implant scandal and that hundreds of women are entitled to compensation based on the recent ruling. 
I get loads of 'scam' emails and texts and you can spot them from a mile, I don't even give them a second thought. But there's something a bit different about this; it looks and feels quite genuine as it is something my wife has gone through legitimately and the emails look quite convincing. But the fact they're asking for this money just doesn't sit right with me. If it is legit, my concern is that if we don't pay this €500, and they come chasing us for the already awarded £2500, will this put a 'black mark' against our credit rating.
Has anyone been through this themselves or got any knowledge of it at all? 
Any help would be massively appreciated!


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    Revert back to the original solicitors and ask them, only use contact details you've previously used.

    Also, hover over the email address and see if that brings up the correct one eg hidden behind a fake one. Search online for the full email address and see if that brings up any details.

    It does sound like a scam, but that's based on UK knowledgeable of how PI claims work eg why would you need another report years after the event, when the original would still apply.
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    Thanks for the response. The email does seem to be the genuine one. I always do this with random/unknown emails and it's always obvious if a scam.
    Having done a bit more digging last night and today, the plot thickens. I found an article on an English law firm's website, Edwin Coe, that suggested although numerous victims of the PIP scandal had been awarded further compensation, there are hundreds of victims, like my wife, who are being told that the evidence provided is inadmissable and are therefore not only not eligible for further compensation, but may need to pay the initial compensation back. It seems Edwin Coe are looking to build a case and act for these victims against the French law firm, who it appears have not done what they should have from the outset. 
    I have spoken to someone from that law firm today and am waiting to hear back as to where we go from here. The last thing I want is bailiffs turning up on our doorstep demanding the money back that we were awarded 7 years ago, but apparently this has happened in a similar case a few years ago!
    So although it doesn't seem like a normal scam, it is certainly a complicated and messy situation! 
    I will keep this thread updated, if nothing more than to keep a log of what is going on. 
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    Hi there,

    I'm in the same position as your wife. They are saying I need to pay the expert deposit by tomorrow. ( 28th May ) Otherwise I will need to pay back the 3000 euro's I received in 2017. I don't see why we have to pay money to receive money. They must have looked through our medical records when they paid us the interim payment back in 2017.
    So confused :( 
  • Br0
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    Has anyone heard any more on this? I'm receiving weekly emails now demanding I pay €500 to 'PIPAWORLD'?

    Thanks in advance.
  • jimbo6977
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    The trouble is that you took action in a French court under French Law, so you need really advice from a French advocate.

    Having read the article linked below, my understanding is that the appeal court in Aix has upheld the original judgment of the Toulon court from 2017, meaning that the certifying organisation TUV Rheinland is held responsible and must compensate the recipients of the faulty implants.

    However 6,205 of the 20,000 cases presented fall outside the judgment because the evidence presented does not conclusively show that in these particular 6,205 cases the implants were of the type that was certified by TUV Rheinland. 


    "les pièces versées ne permettant pas de s’assurer qu’elles étaient porteuses du modèle de prothèse certifié par la société TUV"

    So I would infer that if you are in the 6,205 either you will have to provide evidence that the implant(s) were of the relevant type, or potentially pay back the originally awarded compensation. 

    But I'm a layman reading a news article, so best to seek legal advice!
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    I am still being inundated with these emails and letters as I have not paid this. I originally went through a company which has closed down so cannot revert back to them.  The deadline date for me to pay this keeps getting changed as they obviously want my money but I have already paid the original firm commission and I do not have £500 to pay this even if I wanted to. It doesn’t make sense that they can now demand this money when we won the case, but am worried about being taken to court for this.  Has anyone else paid or not paid this please? 
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    I would suggest you seek proper legal advice. Might cost you but at the end of the day...

    I take it that the company you used was one of the many that spring up in cases like this then disappear once they have got their % of the payout.
    No doubt still trading on the diesel compensation track.
    Life in the slow lane
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    Has anyone got any new info about this? Xx
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    Hi My names (Removed by Forum Team) I’ve googled pipa world scam and came across this page
    i got my interim payment 2500 in 2017 I’ve chased and chased Stanton fisher since 2017 no updates no replies to find out about pipa world only though updates on the scandal of the implants to be told I’ve missed my time frame and my case is closed no one will help or listen to me I’m wondering how many ppl are in my position after pipa world turning off comments it makes me suspicious 
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