Brand new waterproof boots leaking



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    You should definitely return them. I checked from Merrell official site about their return policy. They own that return policy but if you purchased the product from any other website then you need to contact that retailer or website. 
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    Honestly, I would return them, if it's not your fault that they've started to leak. If you want to get some basic nursing waterproof shoes, and don't know where to read some more information about such shoes, you can look here at these shoes from the website, where the verified experts tell and explain how and why one model of any pair of shoes wins against another one.
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    The OP decided over a year ago to return the boots - posted 24th July 2020:
    ripplyuk said:
    I’m going to return them. I’m just not sure if I should get another pair. If two pairs leak, then Cotswolds will be thinking I’m a time waster. On the other hand, I’ve tried so many other boots before finding these ones that actually fit, I’m reluctant to start that search again. 

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