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Hope is not an Effective Financial Strategy

edited 3 March 2020 at 7:18PM in Mortgage-free wannabe
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  • debtfreeonedaydebtfreeoneday Forumite
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    You certainly have luck with that lottery SJ!
    DFW (08/08) £64,346.53 Gone for good (02/19)MFW (01/15) £43,741.38
  • shangaijimmyshangaijimmy Forumite
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    Good to see you back @shangaijimmy - I always feel a degree of normality has resumed when I read your posts. I know what you mean about the mortgage neutrality thing. I think it used to leave me feeing a bit too comfortable - sort of feeding my smug filter which resulted in me spending a bit more from the "I've got this covered" perspective. I would encourage you to swap back at the end of that process. Calculating all the savings from paying it off early and saving all that interest did it for me
    I'm comfortable with it I suppose rather than being motivated. I added 2 columns to my spreadsheet thinking that looking at the "To Neutral" figure would inspire and have the same feeling of glee, but my eyes still get drawn immediately to the "Balance" cell. So maybe I'm stuck in the 'middle' area of progress being steady, and with that notion of "I've got this" now ingrained. Which is exactly the place we want to be in!

    Case in point is this. My "To Neutral" cell tells me that this month will go under the hugely significant £50k barrier. However I'd barely noticed it and instead was looking at the "Balance" cell for December and wondering if I will make up the £66 needed to nudge under £65k for the New Year!

    Maybe there's a figure where the "Neutral Savings" becomes the motivator?? 

    Or perhaps I need a spreadsheet that now counts down??

    Thank you for your message, I have been keeping up with your bee antics. Strangely enough Mrs SJ suggested we get bees and thanks to your exploits I was quickly able to rule it out for us  ;)

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    MFiT-T6 #13 - £3,517 of £15,500 (22.69%)
    1% Mortgage Challenge 2022 - £157.59 of £650
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