Finally Debt Free After 34 Years, But Still Need to Live Frugally

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    Welcome back HH 😁 Great news about DS, well done to him 👏 What a shame about the TA cover, I hope you find something suitable soon. Sounds like you’ve got a busy summer ahead. 
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    I've got so much to talk about that I'm doing a part two update  😂.

    This holiday has been really busy so far!
    Day One: I was exhausted, but we went to a NT place for a couple of hours for coffee and to look at the ducks 🦆🦆. It was a baking hot day so I was too tired to go for a walk but DH and I really enjoyed relaxing in the sun with a drink 🌞☕.

    Day Two: I went to the shops as I realised that I didnt' have any cool clothes for really hot weather. It was so long since I'd been into town that I forgot where half the shops were. A tourist asked me where Primani was and I had to really think about it and then I forgot where B00ts was and walked miles in the wrong direction 😂. I bought a lot of clothes and got a bit carried away with spending 😣. Then I had a coffee in MnS. They have an outside sitting area, but while queing up inside a very old lady not wearing a mask got really close behind me and even poked me in the back once to start a conversation 😳. As I'm scared of catching the virus (despite being double jabbed) I shied away like a frightened horse 😂. When I got home I tried on all the clothes and decided to return half of them. Second thoughts are always best. I'm keeping two pairs of thin cotton cargos to wear around the house, some shorts for the beach, and a maxi skirt and a plain navy tee shirt to wear with it.

    Day Three: My wardrobe was a disaster zone, so I packed away all my winter clothes in plastic boxes in the void, got out my remaining summer clothes, and organised everything. That took a surprisingly long time and I got very hot and bothered. I managed to fill two carrier bags for the charity shop of clothes that nobody had worn for years and a few books and other odds and ends. DH and I also took a boot full of junk to the tip which felt good.

    Day 4: I spent all day gardening. We have a cherry bush which DH insisted on planting too far forward at Easter 🙄, so I persuaded him it need to be moved back into the middle of the border. We did that and then I moved back a dwarf fir so that a small shrub an be put in front of it. This was exhausting especially as it was a hot day and I needed cocoedamol to help me sleep that night as my back, neck and every other part of me was so achey.

    Day 5: I went to town and returned six items of clothing which made me feel very pleased with myself, although I shouldn't have bought so much in the first place 🤔. I also dropped the two carrier bags at the charity shop. I decided to have coffee at home to save money 😇. I was home by 11.15am. After that I cleaned DS3's room and put clean sheets on his bed so it will be nice for him to come home to.

    Today which is day six DH has dropped the car off at the garage to be serviced before all our long journeys, it's going to cost £320 😱 but we need it to be safe. I've also cut DH's hair with the clippers as it doesn't feel safe for him to go to the barber (despite being double jabbed) as he's diabetic. After that I have lots more washing to do (I've been averaging three washes a day since I broke up) and I want to clean the bathroom. Plus I need to pack an overnight bag for tomorrow. I'll go with DH to collect the car as I need to buy ingredients for sandwiches for tomorrow's journey.

    Well that was a long update, sorry 😃. I'll try to update my diary daily and catch up with other people's diaries at least one a day. It's good to be back 😁.

    Finally Debt Free After 34 Years, But Still Need to Live Frugally
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    Good to hear from you, congratulations to your son, happy holidays :)

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    Hi HHD :) Lovely to read about what you've been up to. Congratulations to DS on his degree. DD also got a 2:1 and is starting teacher training in September. They've been through so many changes the past 18 months, I take my hat off to all of them for carrying on and not giving up. 

    What a lovely gesture from your step-dad, I bet you're really looking forward to catching up with your sister. 

    Fingers crossed you will find another job although if you're still working in school while you're looking I bet it's not long before they're asking you to cover for somebody else again.  :)

    Have a lovely day. xx
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    Lovely to hear from you again.  Congrats to DS!

    Have a lovely summer and hopefully you'll find something quickly in September 
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    Great to hear from you, so much news . 

    Really pleased you are going to see your sister , are you going to fly or drive ? 

    Plus seeing your dad as well. 

    Enjoy the holidays , September will be a good month to look for another job. 
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    Hi Hairy,

    lovely to hear from you. Sorry about the TA job but something always comes up in schools so I have everything crossed. Congrats to DS3 on his degree.

    Buying clothes is always needed so I wouldn’t worry about spending.

    Your holiday sounds so busy already and you’ve started to accomplish things found the house already! 

    Safe journey to get DS. X
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    Starting afresh.

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