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Mcdonalds loyalty card + stickers


the article on 31/3/21 on MSE says Mcdonalds will be accepting the loyalty cards/stickers after today (30th June) for an as yet undetermined be communicated nearere the time.

well as the scheme 'officially ends today'  i was expecting to have heard an update by now but nothing...

i've tried contacting Mcdonalds a number of times about this but either get no response or they just say it ends 30th June and know nothing about any extension....

can anyone shed any light on this?

does anyone know a definitive answer?

i would like to think MSE are chasing this up with Mcdonalds as it was reported by them in their news article on 31/3/21, however there is no way on contacting anyone at MSE.

thank you


  • matty_artmatty_art Forumite
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    I had a full card I found in my wallet just this week and tried using it yesterday but I was refused in store - they told me the whole scheme ended on 30 June and I was not allowed to use full ones. I referred them to the MSE article but obviously they are going by internal orders so I gave up…
  • plscatplscat Forumite
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    I had the same thing - they were quite rude about it tbh.  It was also reported in several newspapers that they would still be accepted so they obviously changed their minds.  You would have thought they would have honoured them especially as they said they were going to. 
  • carpycarpy Forumite
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    exactly - it's very poor

    they've gone back on their word  and not communicated effectively 
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    coffeehoundcoffeehound Forumite
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    Some McD's are franchises and some not, so there may be differences between branches.  Maybe try ringing a few nearby to see if they are still accepting cards?
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