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Hi all
I'm from Cardiff but I haven't lived there for over 20 years and I'm now moving back to the area. I'm going to be working in Sully and looking to live in the Penarth/Dinas Powys/Barry areas, to be close to work (but still not too far away from Cardiff and my family) but also I would like to live close to the sea. As close as I can afford anyway! I'm looking for a 3 bedroom house and have about 250k.

What I wanted advice on is areas from people who live there. My friends all have a lot of opinions but I'm not sure if they've ever even been to some of the areas they would recommend against. 
Are there any areas in Barry, Cogan etc I should avoid? I'll be living alone so I want to feel safe walking home at night. I've also been looking at new (ish) builds on Barry Island. It looks like the area is being rejuvenate but my friend said it's really dodgy.
Recommendations from people who live there would be welcomed!


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    Hi..I moved to barry from London 4 years ago and ADORE IT. I'd say...stick to the westend...from about college Road and west. Dont go too far east! Your friend was talking about the older parts of barry island...but the new estate is not the same. The area around high st is lovely...and garden suburb is amazing, but maybe a tad out of your budget. It depends on what type of house you want, if you want victorian terraced then the streets off park crescent and around High Street are nice, short walk to the knap and porthkerry.  If you want new, then the new estate on the island you mentioned may be good. GOOD LUCK. Barry is amazing, to live so close to the sea and beautiful woodland is a dream. 
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    I've lived in Barry all my life and there are areas that you may want to avoid.  naomibm has advised correctly in my opinion that the west end is better.  The new estate down the waterfront/near Asda is huge and there are lots of houses becoming available.  I think this area will be the subject for much regeneration over the next few years.  If you want to be near the beach and new bars/cafes then this is a good area for you.
    I don't know Cogan but prices here are ridiculous for what you get - I guess it's closer to Cardiff and Penarth marina but it wouldn't be somewhere I'd choose.
    Feel free to ask any questions.
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