Where to shop all the essentials and furnishings for new home?

Hi All,

I am buying a new home, I will need to furnish it completely and fill with all the home essentials from scratch, all the way from pots and pans to beds, sofas and beddings and everything in between.

It's exciting but also feels a bit daunting at the same time.

What are the best places, either online or brick and mortar shops, that others would recommend so that I am not running around like a headless chicken!?

Many thanks.



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    IKEA used to have a service where you could order 'everything in this room' from each display area, but I haven't visited for years. I've been very happy with everything I've bought there. 
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    Ikea, and Made were the two key places we used 6 years ago when we bought our first spot.

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    It depends to a large extent on your priorities, and your budget.  As has been previously mentioned, Ikea can be a good start for many items.  Dunelm is also good for a range of items, at reasonable prices.  If there's one near you, The Range often has loads of basic essentials such as kitchen utensils, bathroom stuff, etc.  TK Maxx is another favourite of mine, particularly for kitchen stuff.  And again, if there's one near you, the British Heart Foundation have some large "furniture & electrical" stores where you can get some really good quality stuff for low prices - plus you're helping a worthwhile charity to boot :-)
    It depends where you live - in my nearest town, all of the above (with the exception of Ikea) are on the same edge-of-town retail park, so it's pretty convenient to go and browse round the lot.  Definitely worth a visit if you have any of these nearby.
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    We furnished our first flat almost entirely with Ikea. The good thing about Ikea, other than it being cheap for most things, is you can buy everything there and then if you have a big enough vehicle to get it home. You don't have to wait weeks for delivery as you do for other furniture companies.

    Wilko, Matalan, The Range, B&M and big supermarkets are good for essentials like kitchen stuff (including small appliances) and bedding, and also cheaper more homely stuff like cushions and curtains. See if there's an ASDA Living (Or big ASDA) near you, which is excellent for cheap but decent quality bedding. H&M Home is very good for cheap but stylish stuff like towels, cushions and crockery. 

    Facebook marketplace and British Heart Foundation are good places for second hand furniture, or ask around family members to see if they're getting rid of anything - our first sofa came from my parents-in-law who were buying a new one anyway. It wasn't the style or size we wanted, but it put us on for a few months until we could afford to buy what we wanted. 

    Over the years, we've gradually replaced furniture item by item to nicer/better quality stuff, lots from Made.com and Wayfair (Although Wayfair's website can be a bit overwhelming). 
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    John Lewis, although some think that's a bit staid. ;)

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    It's got a limited selection, but aside from Ikea and made, we've bought a few things from the hairpin leg company - my lockdown desk (which is also sold as a dining table) and some legs for a unit for our beer fridge.
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    Personally, I would head out to a couple of the big cheaper antique warehouses/barns or the local auction house - but I like 'old brown furniture'.  You will need to do a lot of measuring to get things to fit where you want.
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    That's great, thank you for the tips everyone that's really helpful!
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    Wilko or Studio.co.uk
    also worth a look 
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    Get the bare essentials from Wilko (I bought mine from Woolworths back in the day). Obviously beds and large furniture pieces elsewhere, but don't rush to but more than you need immediately. And definitely do NOT buy any additional decorative pieces for now.

    Supplement through the years with chazzer bargains for those items that can wait for serendipity, and you'll end up with a home full of stuff that is to your own taste and not the seasons' trends. That's what I did and now have every kind of kitchen gadgetry!
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