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    We've another sneak peek of the Forum changes for you.

    Best wishes for the weekend,
    MSE Laura F
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    Please, PLEASE, while you're tweaking the forum, will you make it possible to opt out of Private Messages, as one could on the old forum.
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    Please can we have the daily/weekly email updates again for threads to which you are subscribed?  I think you killed off  a lot of traffic when you stopped doing those.  

    - Pip
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    Oh, look - this one's been opened up again! It was closed to discussion on Saturday ...

    Anyway, thank you, @MSE_Laura_F for sharing the sneaky peeks here. :-) 
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    Here comes a third sneak preview of the Forum changes.

    Best wishes for the new week,
    MSE Laura F
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    Gerry1 said:

    It would also be useful to have an Underline button.
    @Gerry1, if you're using windows, then ctrl+U will underline highlighted text.

    Something similar may well work on other devices too, but I cannot check that.
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    MSE_Ben_H said:
    Hi everyone,

    As you may know, the Forum is built on a platform maintained by a third party who will sometimes make security upgrades on our behalf. Other features we have built specially for us.

    This was a platform update that we hadn't anticipated affecting us just yet but we have now removed. If you see it again, please let us know, reporting issues via [email protected] That way, the team is directly notified and we can investigate and solve issues much quicker than raising them through discussion on the Forum.

    Sadly this is still happening for me @[email protected]_Chocaholic

    working OK now, thanks
    When searching at the moment, put speech marks at beginning and end of URL and that seems to filter better,
    thanks to @pate-ci0
    It appears the search facility doesn't pick up URL hidden in the CLICKY link thing, so please post comps using the full URL not hidden in the CLICKY. MSE may eventually sort it out, but for now this might help us all.

    For successful search, bookmark the link in the top of this post and just change the (MD) for whatever you're searching for (leave speech marks at each end " ") Thanks to One-Eye for format.

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