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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone knew whether the old 50 Euro banknotes (which I understand were phased out/replaced in 2017) are still valid/legal tender? I ask because it turns out my father has 400 Euros worth of these old notes and it seems a shame to write off this much money if they can still somehow be traded in. I did do the usual google search but could only find answers which were a couple of years old so wasn't sure whether things had changed in the interim. If anyone could shed any light on this then I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


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    The first series of euro banknotes, including the 50€ note, have certainly not been phased out or lost their status as legal tender. Even if/when they are eventually no longer in circulation, they will not have lost their value.

    I am still occasionally receiving old issue 50€ notes from ATMs and elsewhere and spending them normally.

    In general with 'hard' currencies it's only Bank of England notes which are bizarrely completely taken out of circulation by a certain date after a new issue of notes (Scottish and NI sterling notes do not expire in this way).

    Withdrawal of old issue notes is usually gradual, by banks retaining and sending for destruction those received, their presence in circulation diminishing naturally.
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    So what is the problem?
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