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I’m Kirsty, head of the MSE Forum.

Before we serve up a second sneak preview, the Forum Team have been reading your comments so far. 

We’re always happy to take constructive feedback, but we’d like to remind you that the Forum Team are human and some of the comments made have been unnecessarily unkind. Before deciding on whether you like the changes or not, we ask that you give us the time to reveal the full bonanza. When we do, don’t worry - you’ll have the opportunity to feed back as we’ve designed a dedicated feedback form for you to use. In the meantime, let me reassure you this is more than a lick of paint so let me tell you more.

See this message from MSE Ben about the search function, which we’re really pleased to say, should be sorted by the end of July. 

Now onto our preview. The below should give you an idea of the fonts we’re using, plus we’ve slyly pixellated an image of the full homepage, just to whet your appetite.

On Monday we’ll have a bit about what you can actually do with the new homepage. Hope to see you then.


MSE Kirsty
Head of Forum


Pixelated homepage


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    The changes are now live. Please see MSE Marcus's announcement for details.

    As he says, we're keen for your feedback and have created a dedicated feedback form. Please use it to report any issues or bugs you spot.

    Thank you,

    MSE Laura F
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