Ryanair Rip-Off?



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    Return flight London - Madrid - London for just £49.98 seems more like a WOW Deal rather than a rip-off.  
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    Westin said:
    Return flight London - Madrid - London for just £49.98 seems more like a WOW Deal rather than a rip-off.  
    It certainly is and that is not my complaint at all. My objection is only to being charged an additional ‘price difference’ baggage fee which when  I compared simultaneously was more than the £6 baggage fee for a ‘new’ flight.

    I have changed my flight and paid the inflated baggage fee which now exceeds what my fare cost :(.  £40 in baggage fees when like I have said previously at exactly the same time the baggage fee was showing as £6 each way for the flight I was taking/changing to.

    I take on all the comments but fundamentally disagree given that it very clearly states on my booking ‘Priority and 2 cabin bags price difference’ (not adjustment fee/change fee) and I do think that it is a real shame that Ryanair penalises loyal customers who book in good faith, in advance, for flights throughout the year.
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    I recently changed a flight under their 'no fees' guarantee.  As I had no particular dates when I needed to travel I looked on their website and chose the cheapest combination of flights out and back.  When I went on to manage my booking the flights were over £20 more each way.  And no it wasn't because the lower priced flights had been sold as i went back to the website as a potential new booking and the lower prices were still there.
    I had 2 attempts via livechat giving the exact prices but their reply was that the system searches for the best prices at the particular time - silly me thinking that  'best'  would equate to 'cheapest'.
    So yes even though I am a big fan of Ryanair and would always choose to fly with them, in this particular scenario it is a rip-off - and also false advertising and misrepresentation.

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