British Airways and Ryanair to be investigated over refusing refunds for flights passengers legally

British Airways and Ryanair are to be investigated over concerns they broke consumer law by failing to offer cash refunds to passengers who couldn't legally travel due to Government restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic...

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'British Airways and Ryanair to be investigated over refusing refunds for flights passengers legally couldn't take due to Covid-19 lockdowns'

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    They are bitching about this investigation and blaming the government for punishing them. Rules are rules and the public need to be protected from underhand dealings, serves them right.
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    I have been told by British Airways that I cannot get a refund and have been given a voucher. They have also told me I will lose the money they have £1540 from me if I do not use the voucher. Surely this is unfair. They have had my money since January 2020 can I claim interest?
  • Caz3121Caz3121 Forumite
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    was your flight cancelled by them or did it operate but you could not travel?
    If the flight operated and you had a non-refundable ticket then you may have been able to claim from your travel insurance. (although some insurers would treat a voucher as a refund)
    If the flight was cancelled by them then a cash refund was possible at the time (initially you had to phone to request this)
    Vouchers are not transferable for cash.
    The vouchers are valid till 2023 
  • GrumpyOldMan2GrumpyOldMan2 Forumite
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    Apparently the CMA have wimped out! Hopefully a NWNF solicitor will pick up this case.

    There were reports on FB that Ryanair had two prices for flights : the use a voucher price, and the cash price. Apparently the latter was significantly cheaper. Perhaps MSE can collate cases of this and present to the CMA/CAA?
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