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I booked Virgin flights to Orlando on 2nd February 2020 for my family of four through a third party - Opodo. We were due to fly out in November 2020, but the flights were cancelled due to the pandemic. 

I have received a refund for the flights, minus a ‘mediation fee of £388.02 which Opodo are refusing to refund. As I paid on my credit card, I presumed I would have protection, but Halifax are refusing to help as they say MasterCard have an 120 day rule on transactions. 

Apparently, because I did not complain within 120 days of the transaction, they cannot refund. This means I would have needed to complain by early June - and the flights had not been cancelled at that point!

How could I have complained within the 120 day limit? I was still hoping to be able to fly!

This raises an important issue. It implies that anyone who uses their credit card to purchase flights that are more than four months in the future do not have credit card cover if the flights are cancelled later. If this is really the case, then it needs to be publicised so that everyone is aware. Do you have a view on it?

I can see no alternative to pursuing this through the small claims court. Has anybody else pursued this with Opodo?


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    you need to look at the terms and conditions you agreed to when you made the booking, the fees will be included there.
    I am not aware of any third party ticket sellers that do not charge fees for working on your behalf (not your fault the airline cancelled the flight but not their fault either)
    The 120 days can be counted from the date the service should have been provided....did you contact Halifax within 120 days of the November flight date? even if you had they would have reviewed the contract you entered into to confirm if there had been a breach.
    Before starting any court proceedings I would ensure you understand the contract and the applicable fees (it is possible the deductions are correct). Opodo are registered in Spain so you may have the expense of a Spanish lawyer to go through their court system
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