(S.O.F. Save Our Forum!) This has now been addressed by MSE (see link in OP)

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I think we can consider this resolved now, thanks to the MSE team's input. See MSE Kirsty's post on Page 4 of this thread, or follow this link:

Thank you to everyone who shared their views about the forum changes, and thank you to Kirsty and MSE Towers for explaining some of the background bits, while reassuring us that you are doing what you can to address our concerns.

This is a great site and we love our comping forum - long may it live :smiley:


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It is now time to launch a new campaign to try to get MSE to address some of the major issues here?

Our cornishpasty1 opened a discussion a couple of days ago about our flagging forum, here: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6204908/forum-update-re-changes#latest 

That led to me and Rahven chatting about where we are with this whole forum changes thing. We agreed that we feel cheated and fobbed off by MSE. Our forum is still 'not fit for purpose' and hasn't been for ages. Rahven worked out that it's around 16 months since the forum upgrade/downgrade, and around 7 months since she'd sent them her excellent spreadsheet that pulled together our issues with the 'new' forum ("Our" being everyone here who had commented on the problems).

MSE conducted interviews with some of us, where we explained the issues. They responded by assuring us that we were a valued part of the MSE community and they they would do what they could to help sort things. They said it might take a while. Well, it flaming well has!

The least they should've done was to update us every now and then about what was/wasn't happening - which is what the pinned thread in CCC "Forum Update Re Changes" was opened for.

Is it time to try again? People are still signing the petition about this: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6196788/petition-for-mse-re-the-forum-changes#latest

We know that we have lost many long-term users over this, and that the forum is quite simply nowhere near as good as it was.

So...what should we do about it then?

My gut feeling is that fresh blood is needed to take on the campaign now. I don't mind doing whatever I can behind the scenes to help, but I don't think it would be productive for me to contact MSE about this again. I think they would fob me off because I've already said 'my bit'. But fresh blood could start from scratch, perhaps building on what we'd tried before?

That's it then. Consider the gauntlet well and truly thrown down.

Over to you lot...

Anyone else miss the chat in Compers Chat Corner? How about we try to bring it back?

{{{{{ Imagine ALL the people sharing ALL the world }}}}}


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