Clearing banks and MOD Payments

Hi All. How long should the transfer from JPAC to Santander take ? They told me all public fund transfers go through clearing banks but it’s been 10 working days now (including today) does the amount affect the time taken ? They’re obviously making interest off my money ! Santander keep giving me the brush off with imaginary days for arrival. What can I do ? Is this legal ? 


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    This depends on what you are waiting to be transferred,  if its you monthly wage then it should be in your account on pay day.  If expenses it should be in your account three working days after approval.
    So to troubleshoot this, ensure JPA has your correct bank details including sort code, account number and if needed swift code.   The second thing you can look at is contacting the JPAC enquiry center to see what the status of the money is.   If you have split your wages (something I believe they are phasing out) then again check the bank details are correct. If there is an error in your details then correcting will only affect your next pay. If you are unlucky and the money has been sent back to the MOD it can take up to 14 working days to be received back, and I think 7 days to be sent to the right account.  (JPAC will be able to advise you further) 
    Hope that helps. 
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