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    Magnolia said:
    eDicky said:
    Forget other prepaid 'currency' cards such as Caxton with their fees and exchange rate margins.
    There are no fees with caxton black card.
    You pay up to 3% markup on exchange rates with the Caxton Black card, avoiding this with the Red card costs £5 monthly.
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    Does anyone know what's going on with the AA Travel Currency Card?

    I haven't used mine since I was last abroad in early 2019 and quite frankly forgot about it during the pandemic. There's a reasonable balance remaining so this morning I tried to check my account online and found that I was blocked. I rang their customer service who told me that they've blocked everyone's accounts and said my balance would be refunded into my bank account if I were to email him a pdf version of my bank statement.

    I am uncomfortable sharing sensitive personal info with total strangers and was wondering whether there is any way of getting my balance refunded.

    I can see on the AA's website that cardholders can withdraw cash from ATMs but when I tried, I got a message that the transaction was not allowed.

    Does anyone have advice on what I should do to get my balance back?

    Am I being unnecessarily cautious not wanting to email a copy of my bank statement to the travel card's customer services? 
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