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I everyone, this is my first post.

Foolishly I bought a load of stuff online from M&S. Hardly any of it fits or is the right colour, etc. etc. Stupidly I forgot that the items were in the sale and would therefore have a shorter return window. I have now realised that the deadline has passed and am wondering if I can still return them?

I called M&S to find out and after waiting in the queue for nearly 20 minutes I spoke to someone who firstly told me I could still return them, then decided that I couldn't and that I was past the '35 days' currently allowed for sale items which she then had to look up and corrected the time to 30 days. She then told me that if I waited for the stores to re-open I could take the items back and if they treated me 'as a human' (yes, she really said that) they might exchange the items for something else, although it's 'not in the rules'. I am not convinced that she was entirely correct!

So I was wondering if anyone has a better idea. Also does anyone know what would happen if I return the items in the post even though I am aware that the dealine has passed.

Thanks to anyone who can help :)


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    You can't return them unless any of them are faulty. Check whether there are any faults. 
    If they are perfect, then you have a choice as to whether you sell them on eBay or wait until you can try exchanging them. M&S have no obligation to allow you to change them, so you need to be really pleasant if you decide to hang on and ask them to do this. You can always sell them on eBay if they refuse. 

    I expect if you returned them in the post, M&S would return them to you as they are your property. You could try returning them, and then try to argue your case, but you will have to pay for them to return the items or agree that they can dispose of them for you. 
    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
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    Thanks very much tacpot12.

    That's pretty much what I expected to hear. I was just hoping that someone who has returned items outside the deadline might have had a different result, such as maybe being given a voucher?
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    My local M&S is open - because it has a food hall. 

    They are selling clothing (at least there is clothing on the ground floor which is where the food hall is).  There's a customer service/till area located within the clothing section.  Could you check whether you to have an M&S which is open near you and then try taking things there?
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    Thanks General_Grant. I'll give it a try.
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