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No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries March

edited 1 March at 10:21AM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
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  • maddiemaymaddiemay Forumite
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    INs Beauty Pie

    50ml Hyaluronic & Peptide Serum 1/6

    2 x 100ml Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm 2&3 of 8

    10ml Pure Ceramide Eye Serum 4/9

    15ml Super Retinol Anti-wrinkle eye cream 5/10

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  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    Lee Stafford Growth Treatment 200ml - WNBA.
    Debt Free and now a saver, conscious consumer, low waste lifestyler

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  • ponypalponypal Forumite
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    In and UU: Derma V10 Deep Moisturising Foot Pack Argan Oil
    Really like this. It's a lot of packaging for a single use product but my feet can be really bad. 
    Also In and UU: a pumpkin spice latte scented sheet mask which was from a pound shop and it was a bit rubbish, don't recommend.
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