Switching supplier trouble - direct debit taken without a bill

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I'm in the process of switching away from Avro Energy to EDF and it's been troublesome to be honest, i did this via Uswitch and was told it would be mostly automatic, but i've had a constant barrage of emails from both companies asking me to provide readings, some of which their system says can't be accepted because i sent them too late, despite sending them 20 minutes after receiving the email requesting them! I've now noticed i've had £93.00 taken by direct debit from Avro energy despite no bill being generated or sent to me, either by email, post or available online (so i have no idea what it relates to, and i'm sure we have to be notified of a direct debit payment in advance anyway).

My switch is supposed to happen today apparently, but i've no idea who i'm supposed to be paying and when, or what i've already paid for!


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    To add, Avro still say my current balance is £93.00 as of today, even though a payment for £93.00 was taken just 7 days ago...
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    I would suggest your current balance is a credit of £93 (your payment of £93 minus £0 charges).

    It is common for suppliers to take an upfront DD payment at the start of the supply period,

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    Thanks. It would have been helpful of them to explain that (its probably somewhere in the fine print that you'd need to be retired to have time to read word by word...)
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    It might surprise you to know that suppliers pay their wholesalers in advance of supply so paying the first DD payment upfront has become the norm. There is no need for a supplier to raise a statement as no charges have been raised. That said, my supplier always notifies me before each monthly payment is taken.
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    It's probably in the welcome pack, which I hope the OP has read.
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