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Why are the credit cards companies not offering balances transfers on existing accounts anymore?


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    They are, but you need to be offered one.
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    Aqua continue with 0% Balance and Money transfer offers existing Customers.
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    Why are the credit cards companies not offering balances transfers on existing accounts anymore?
    Credit availability has tightened in recent months with the uncertainty that surrounds us. That's the general consensus. 

    In terms of your own person circumstances - you might not have been offered one because of your credit utilisation or payment history for example (if you'd only been making minimum payments). 

    You can always use the eligibility checkers to see if you might be approved for a different banks balance transfer card.
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    My barclaycard offers me 18 months at 2.9% fee every month. My Natwest one is offering transfers at 0.49% but only for the life of the initial 18 month offer. Likely your card provider just doesn't want to lend to you now. Try a new card perhaps or just ring up and ask if they can do one for you

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