MSE News: 100,000s owed Power of Attorney refund

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    I sent a refund request on 2nd December 2020 to the email address found at website under the heading 'If the donor has died' (email:[email protected]) and hven't had any response as of 27 January 2021.
    However, I used the email provided in Martin's article under the heading 'If the donor has died' (email:[email protected] today and got an immediate auto reply to acknowledge receipt.
    Just letting people know that the email address on the governments own website doesn't appear to be working.

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    We hadn't quite got round to doing this when we got a letter from the solicitor to say we might be due some money, and it was SO easy! Didn't have to find the paperwork, just our dates of birth and NI numbers, if I recall. 

    Took a while for the money to drop into the bank account, such that it took a while to work out what it was, but hurrah! 
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