Cheery's country living adventure

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    Our house is in a slightly unusual location and some delivery people make a right fuss. There are only 5 properties in our postcode 2 of which have been knocked into 1 (us) each property has a name (and officially a number which are only used on official documents). 4 of the properties can be accessed through our gate and the 5th property is opposite next door. The usual comment is now they know where we are they will never have a problem again 😀 the occasional delivery driver makes a right fuss about how out of the way we are and how difficult it is to find us. The nearest modern housing estate is less than 120 metres down our road 🤣 Our previous place was a mile down a narrow unmade road, just think how they would have coped with that.

    Most delivery people seem happy to drop it on the doorstep and then wait (or not) at the top of the path for the door to be answered. Your prescriptions guy seems to be a complete pain @rtandon27 is it worth contacting the pharmacy to ask for it to be added to your records that the drop-offs need to be non-contact for medical reasons?

    Not a virtue I possess either.

    Our letterbox is on the wall next to the door. We were previously (before CV19) considering getting a parcel box (like this) as well, as we often missed deliveries, no longer an issue with OH working from home for the foreseeable and the rest of us confined to barracks most of the time.
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