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My current employer provides Private Health Insurance but this cover will come to an end in April when I leave the company.  The insurer has offered to provide me with the same level of cover and will also cover existing conditions. When I asked for a quick quote they told me it would be in the region of £150.00 to £160.00.   I will be 66 when this policy starts after my employment ends.  I would be grateful if anyone on this forum can advise whether that seems a decent deal?  I'm thinking of going with it as they will be provide cover for my existing conditions? 


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    Is that £150 per month? If so, that is quite a premium, but I agree that at your age and to cover existing conditions, it is probably a competitive price. If you can afford the premium easily, then why not. My own experience is that the NHS is very good for most things, but occasionally, e.g. for physiotherapy, it can be handy to have some private insurance. 
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    If you can afford it, stick with it, but also talk to your consultant(s) about seeing them as an NHS patient if you decide to cease your policy in the future. 
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    Immy. Try shopping around, some insurers will cover pre existing conditions.   And don't forget to haggle.  😉
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