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Colgate Duraphat 5000 ppm Fluoride Toothpaste -   just to coming to an end of the  5 tubes of this toothpaste that the Dentist prescribed for me  - can anyone recommend what toothpaste is best to use for sensitive/worn enamel gums/teeth?


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    If your dentist wanted you to be on Duraphat - a prescription only toothpaste - then they must have had a very good reason for that. So assuming they don't wish you to continue on it now, I would ask their advice on what particular problem required you to be on it, and what they would recommend you continue with now you've completed that course.
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    2. Once you have a short-list, VISIT the practices - dont just phone. Go on the pretext of getting a Practice Leaflet.
    3. Assess the helpfulness of the staff and the level of the facilities.
    4. Only book initial appointment when you find a place you are happy with.
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    Did your dentist say you should move to a "normal" toothpaste after the end of the 5 tubes? If not, you should probably check to see if you should continue on it...
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    My dentist recommended Duraphat for me too, for a while. Best thing is to ask your dentist whether you are meant to continue with Duraphat, in which case you will need a new prescription. If not, there are lots of toothpastes for sensitive teeth. Just google.

    I'd recommend Sensodyne - they do quite a range now, too. 
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    MalMonroe said:

    I'd recommend Sensodyne - they do quite a range now, too. 
    Unless your dentist has specific advice, of course, I second Sensodyne. I used to use whatever sensitive toothpaste was on special offer but my gums felt remarkably better after I tried Sensodyne (reduced because the boxes were bashed!) and haven't once considered going back to anything else. Some others have better special offers but the slight extra expense is worth it to me.
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    I third Sensodyne, speaking as an ice cube lover it really works!
    I buy whichever one of the basic types they offer is cheapest and use a petit pois sized amount.
    I also recommend cutting open the tube when you think you've used it all up, there's more stuck in the neck than you realise.

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