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I've been with Virgin for a couple of years, usual package, landline phone, broadband and TV, using their cable which was installed, same time frame, to the whole village where
I live. Now fed up with high cost of that supply, can I swop to another cable supplier and use that same cable?
Second question, who do I go with? Yes I know I'll read all the relevant blurb on this site.


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    There is no other cable supplier. 
    Your choice is stay with Virgin or get a BT landline installed and sign up to an ISP for broadband.
    TV options are things such as Sky, NowTV,  or Freeview through an aerial etc
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    No, there is only one main cable supplier in the UK (although I think there may be another on the isle of Wight).

    If you don't like them then you'll have to go with one of the others that use the phone landline or 4g, unless you've got fibre to the premises (FTTP) where you live.

    You may well find that you can't get the speeds with a landline based system, especially if you aren't actually connected to a convenient cabinet - do some interweb searches to see whats available in your area. Other TV offerings may not be the same as Virgin.

    You should also be aware that in some places there may be a bit of a waiting list so do a thorough search before jumping especially if you dont already have a BT landline phone as you'll find that you can only search down to postcode level so you probably wont be able to get a speed estimate until a landline has been installed and tested.
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    Even if there was another provider, VM would not allow them to use their provision-why would they?
    You will need a BT-based landline installing or reconnecting, the cost is the same.
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