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    Does anyone know if the £18.99 a month plus £75 plusnet deal is compatible with line rental saver?
    New customers joining Plusnet after May 2020 are not entitled to subscribe to Line Rental Saver. 

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    Is anyone else having their landline number held ransom by EE? I wanted to move to Now Broadband but they were unable to transfer my landline number. We've had it for 40 years and, as in an area with poor mobile reception, its vital we retain it. I've had a series of reasons/excuses from various people in EE - I can only transfer to suppliers within the BT Community,  Now use different lines, Now use different technology, EE have to physically disconnect my landline/broadband before they can transfer the line. Have complained but EE closed the complaint down. Today an EE employee spent 20 minutes telling me it was impossible to transfer, when I asked for a Deadlock letter so I can go to ADR, she transferred me to someone who said the opposite, and that I shouldn't be having any problems. 
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    Problem is you don't own the number .
  • So is £15 quid a month the best deal in town now :( things seem to be getting progressively worse for these blagged deals. When I first joined the cheap internet game plusnet was at £11 per month and even then people were saying that was bad compared to the 'old days' where they were picking up deals for £5 per month! Now £15 seems the norm, is it gonna be £20 in a year or two?
    I just want cheeeep cheaap internet, very modest requirements for general browsing. Couple of megs would do me, so is £15 as good as it's gonna get?
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    Managed to get NowTV to revise its renewal offer for regular broadband and anytime calls - was offered £25.00 a month to renew in mid-December, waited for Black Friday Deals and noted that with Cashback John Lewis regular broadband and anytime calls worked out under 20 quid a month.
    Communicated with Billing & Payments and inquired "how does one proceed to cancel contract in order to move to better deal". Notified NowTV about cost of John Lewis deal and was offered the £17.99 annual contract price, which is agreeable shall we say for my OAP parents.

    Nice saving of £84.00, although, last years package with cashback worked out under £12.00 a month, alas, not a new subscriber and did not fancy John Lewis.
    All should note that Sky don't offer regular broadband and calls anymore, all done under the NowTV branding - still using original Sky Router, which is the same as the NowTV Router.
  • In these hard times why not share with a neighbour or another flat? sticking my neck out here but I know how to boost the signal to my flat. We have our own recorders which mine works better than the one my old broadband supplier supplied. Creating  a home network won’t work, because the electricity goes through separate circuit boards. But with freeview, huge savings can be made and my tv box easily uses the WiFi to go to catchup apps like iPlayer, itv hub.  I get YouTube. Plus we share prime and Netflix which is also accessible with my personal tv box. 
  • Even if you decide to just pay personally for WiFi. Not many people know that off the shelf tv boxes do all the recording and give app access I mentioned. That alone saves a huge monthly chunk👍
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    My guess is that most people know boxes record .
    Borrowing stealing a neighbours wifi is not available to all .
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    Depends on your expertise and how well you know your neighbours, but I'm reselling my Virgin media 200 connection to the houses on either side. It's on separate VLANs so effectively isolated networks. I've just ran an ethernet cable through the loft and mounted an access point on the ceiling on their landing. I get £15 a month off each of them. 
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    Used your advice to tackle my Virgin bill. Gave up our very basic TV package (£4), so had to go with Freeview which is all we need but got £20 reduction a month . 👍🏻
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