The best postage for more expensive items

Over the past few months I've sold quite a bit of old football memorabilia on eBay. Stuff like badges/football cards etc. None of these went for much more than 5-10 pounds so I was happy enough to send second class without much thought into tracking (from 200+ items one went missing and I simply refunded the buyer).

I'm now at the point where I'm selling some old football shirts. I can't sell them locally as they are of a team that are 200 miles away so eBay feels like the best bet. They will probably fetch between £40-100 each.

What's the best way to protect myself should the item go missing in the post or I get a scammer trying it on? Is there a rule of thumb when it comes to postage at different values? I'd probably be using Royal Mail/Post Office to post them rather than Hermes etc. 
Thanks for your time
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