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Hi guys , newish  to the board although I’ve been a lurker for many years - sorry.

Anyhow I want to clear my mortgage debt as soon as I can , I’m pretty clear on my goals but was wondering if I’m missing anything that you guys can help me out on . I’ve no personal debt or car finance so any spare cash can be ploughed into clearing it of . I have a small pension but three BTL  2 @50% LTV mortgages and one that is clear .

I’m with First Direct and have 2 years left on a fixed rate at 1.93% , current debt is £57,730 as of this morning and that it has 11 years remaining . I can overpay as much as I like whenever I like as long as I leave a balance within the 2 years .

During the last three years I have been overpaying £320 a month and now I’m in a positive position to be overpaying even more. Like a £1000 a month more so a total overpayment of around £1300 a month on top of the £596 a month minimum payment at 1.93% over 11 years .  

Yes as long as things go to plan I can probably clear it inside three years however my question is with this much surplus cash is there something I could be doing that might pay it off even quicker , lock it up , premium bonds , red black at the casino  :):smile:



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    Hello and welcome to the MFW board! Congrats on starting your diary :) Sounds like you have a good plan and a decent amount of disposable income to overpay on top of what you have already been managing to pay so well done! 
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    Ooh good luck. I’m not that savvy so if it was me I would just pay off the mortgage then look into investing the money once the mortgage is cleared in a couple of years and you have loads of disposable income. 
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    Determined to make it! 
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    I would be thinking of pension provisions as if its all ploughed into the mortgage you could be missing some tax advantages which may be worth considering. 
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    Aim for 135,062 by Jan 2022 for 3 year challenge - 1058 to go

    Our Mortgage is never going to be as high as it is today. :j
    Onwards and downwards to a better life for our family. :j
    Just keep swimming
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