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    That's brilliant blu. Thank you for everything you are doing. I'm about as tech savvy as a cabbage so can't volunteer sorry.
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    Thanks hdh :) I feel the same way, re the tech aspect. Hope someone will feel confident enough to volunteer for us. As I say, I (and probably others too) would certainly support anyone kind enough to do this. I guess it means someone who feels they could come up with a list of what the major issues are here now, and would feel comfortable in 'mediating' between us and MSE about them?

    It might work best to have one dedicated thread for this in CCC, so our volunteer, the MSE team and any of us who wanted, could post about things. In this way MSE could keep us informed while the volunteer kept MSE posted about our major issues.

    Blu XXX
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    Thank you Rahven.
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    Thank you Blulu for starting this discussion/petition, I have tried to stick with MSE but I find things so frustrating at times and I miss so many comps, the old site was so friendly and easy to navigate but I feel that perhaps someone tried to fix something that wasn't really broken.
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    Rahven said:
    I only really have two gripes.

    1. Can't hover over the thread title to see the post contents, so having to click on every post that looks vaguely interesting.
    2. I find the search facility too complicated or it's not intuitive enough. I never really seem to get the search results I'm expecting.
    Definitely. I'd add:
    3. The inability to uncheck 'Entered' or 'Skipped' if clicked by accident
    4.  The white blocks issue in Chrome (though this affects the entire forum, not just comps). MSE have said they are aware of it and are working with the platform team to resolve. Posted about here and here.  
    5. The regular failure of the search facility (recent episodes have meant entire days worth of comps not appearing in search results)
    6. Unable to mark a comp expiring same day as 'Entered' or 'Skipped'. Or is that fixed now? 

    I've been unable to order search results e.g. by most recently posted, so I've had real trouble with that but I don't know if it's just me and I'm missing something?

    I could potentially take this on if people were happy for me to (I do some similar stuff in my work), and no-one else more suitable comes forward. I'd need a full list of the issues though because I don't think I know about all of them.
    @Rahven Re number 6, this was fixed some time ago, a day or 2 after it was first reported. See the last post on https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6163706/problem-with-end-date-upgrade-on-competitions-time-only-partially-solved/p2
    This new end date is now being used to a) set the thread to closed (but not until 23:59 on it's last day) and then b) All the closed threads are sorted together for the BG's to remove them to GO. 
    It would now be ideal if the further 2 items listed by One-Eye could be implemented but we don't know if this is even being considered by MSE.
    The one problem that has arisen out of this is where some posters were (and may still be) setting the Mandatory Closing Date to one day later than the actual Closing Date. This was no longer needed once the thread closing was moved to 23:59 and it is now causing those threads to be listed one day out when using the Sort function. This could lead to End Date compers not seeing these comps until the day after they have ended.

    Re number 4, recent comments on Site Feedback would suggest that this has been resolved. See https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6188683/unable-to-read-forum-on-google-chrome-browser#latest

    As regards Search, the only current problems would seem to be as posted on Site Feedback:-
    as urgent https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6194128/urgent-fault-search-not-finding-threads-posted-after-approx-7-30pm#latest
    the random sorting of results as reported here https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6171360/order-of-search-results-no-priority-we-have-to-live-with-it#latest. MSE have said this is not a priority but it does make any search in Game Over rather awkward.
    Item 2) from the thread here: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6193775/fault-problem-with-search-subcategories-button-number-of-pages#latest

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