Time to sell Alphabet/Amazon/Apple?



  • Keep them as long as you can. If I'd have sold my Apple shares after they doubled I'd be down £300k. And I was too dumb to buy Amazon.
    What on earth has Brexit got to do with these three?????
    Covid - Well heck they all stand to continue to benefit from Covid with people working from home indefinitely even once  restriction ease.
    US election - I believe they have one every four years ? I dont usually sell all my investments before each one.
    Unemployment - Apple might arguably be damaged by that but you have to look at who can afford to buy rather than who cant.
    Insolvency - of what?
    Winter - comes four times as often as US elections.
  • I own the first 2 and not selling yet.  Still lots of potential.
  • I own the first 2 and not selling yet.  Still lots of potential.
    Absolutely. Their cloud services are huge and growing.
    The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.
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    On a contrary note... the current prices of these stocks reflect the abundance of cheap money in the US markets, and the fact that these companies (unlike most of those traded on Wall Street) are if anything helped by Covid. If the mood in the USA were to change from Greed to Fear, much of that money would be shifted to Treasuries and other low-risk investments. As a result, the prices of these companies would fall to something that reflected their actual revenues rather than their sky-high potential. So: while I do not believe that the prices of these companies are going to 'crash' any time soon, I think that a bit of profit-taking could be a wise move.

    But don't listen to me: I sold my tech stocks at the end of 2018 and so have missed out big time.
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    All wise input, thanks all.  
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