Dad died while living in Greece, questioning the will

Dad and his wife (by Greek law) lived in Crete. Dad got diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, and unfortunatly died in January.
From what he said he had written a will and all was sorted and that because of my comitments over here everything would be left to his wife and then split, which was fine as i guess i thought the day would never come.
Anyway his cancer spread and i went out there in December to see him, he wasn't in sound mind, but his wife insisted he sign something to say i would get half of everything from her after expenses (all very weird at the time).
It has taken this long for me to get a copy of the will and it is hand written by her, not witnessed, and on the day i was there when he was not of sound mind.  But the solicitor has verified it 7 months later! Plus she is now saying she needs to take out 70k worth of medical bills as expenses before the money is split (even though my dad paid for his medical stuff and had an EKKA card as he went along, well that is what i was told).
Its all very odd but with it being in Greece etc is there any point saying anything? Because of furlough i cannot afford a solicitor so anybody got any advice??
Thank you anyone who read until the end x


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