Daydream fund challenge part 4

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    I'm currently between jobs (just signed the exit agreement for one - I'm hoping that I get the countersigned copy back soon so I can pass the relevant bits on to the new place so they can issue an offer) so have time to get the garden under control (hopefully!). I'm slowly cutting all the long grass that I'd intended to do during August (I was on holiday, and then it rained!). i'm cutting it by hand (with what is apparently called a 'hand scythe' i.e. very small and requiring bending),and as it has been flattened by the rain and is pretty soggy there's a lot of sharpening going on. But I'm making progress. Once I've cut a section I'm then strimming and mowing, followed by hoovering with the leaf vacuum. I've raked some of it, but my brother has offered to lend me his electric scarifier, which I'm sure will do a better job! The aim is to get rid of moss, creeping buttercup and frankly as much of the grass as possible so that the wildflowers continue to improve. I might even get round to sowing more seed. The bit that is 'lawn' (or at least, kept short) will also benefit. I have quite a few dips that need filling in to avoid the mower scalping other bits, so will add this to the endless list. 

    I've also been cutting back and tying in roses (and jasmine, clematis and honeysuckle) to the pergola and wires round the boundary as they've finally grown up enough. The stream will need more TLC shortly - I need to finish clearing, then get on and plant it up. Hedges also need cutting. And my kitchen is FINALLY due to be fitted next month, so I need to get on and choose the last few bits (minor things like worktops, splashbacks, cooker hood, sink and tap). While I don't want to be unemployed for long, I have a feeling that the planned 3 weeks I have left aren't going to be long enough to get everything done!
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    Thought I'd better report in as it's been about a week..... :o
    Our visitors last Friday weren't the last, as DD2 and husband dropped-in on Sunday on their way back from camping in Cornwall. They said the site was still rammed with people trying to wring the last few days out of summer proper. Little social distancing or mask-wearing in the facilities either....Anyway, they had a good time.
    We fumigated after DD left...but not this house; the one the two big hens are in. Red mites! There are only two birds in there and we'd neglected to treat the timber for a few years, though there was a lot of diatomaceous earth around and the outbreak was minor. Can't take your eye off the ball with hens! :/
    I had to switch plans when last Friday's visitors invited themselves, but it worked out OK, as the weather then was poo. Monday's warmth and cloudless skies were better for the long walk I'd worked-out around an interesting country estate. Some of you know I have a similarly aged friend with an alleged interest in keeping fit, so I wanted to test them.... Anyway, we made it around 4 mock temples, a couple of castles and half a dozen other follies scattered around, some of which you can pick out in the photo I snapped from somewhere we shouldn't have been. >:) You can also see the ash die back on some foreground trees. :'(

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    That looks lovely.  Hope you've nuked your red mites
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    lucielle said:
    That looks lovely.  Hope you've nuked your red mites
    I used to pass the estate twice a day on my school bus, but in those days much of it it wasn't open to the public. This isn't the best time to visit grand landscapes; it's better with the camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons etc in spring, or in autumn when the leaves turn.
    Mites have been treated with Poultry Shield followed by Creocote and a liberal dusting of diatoms. Normally, we run two sheds, but the other one's been taken down for re-location.

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    Well after having deluges we've had it warm today and made the most of it. We did have to venture into Ullapool in the morning to pick up prescriptions and the place was heaving - the roads have been non-stop all day. I was up near the road trying to clear back from the fence as I need a few posts re-newing - they don't last long now they don't treat them with the chemicals. Luckily I got the old telecom poles when they renewed them on the hill so those are great for strainers. I have four poles so have loads. I would like to do some sort of trellis/pergola thing once we have sorted round the house properly. Those will come in handy as proper beefy pergola stuff.
    Hens have eventually started laying regular and that's good. I'm selling the surplus up the top of the track with an honesty jar - not much surplus but nice to see the egg jar jingling a little.
    Have sheep stuff to do tomorrow so hopefully we'll get them all rounded up but with all the loud motor bikes and sports cars zooming about it's not a given.
    The estate looks interesting Dave - we have ash die back 10 miles away I think I heard tell.
    The red mites don't like vaseline rubbed into the ends of the perches - stops the eggs hatching and escaping into the house. They seem to lay in the nooks and crannies.
  • Ah Ted, I wish I'd hung on to the power poles when they changed those, but I promised them to Pete. :s I have one BT pole though; the dodgy one Mr Dog had moved onto our land from his yard. :|
    Took DW to a much smaller estate today and she was able to get around all of it. There weren't any follies, but some nice cottage gardens and rolling landscapes all around. Few Yellow Book gardens are open now, if they opened at all, so I've been scratching around for ideas and mask-free venues. Mind you, we heeded the warning  at this one.....
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    One of my little sheep that has never had a lamb is lactating which I can't understand. 
    Very windy here & now pouring down but it's night so that's okay.

    Will we be locked down again? Methinks so - off to get the loo rolls in tomorrow.

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    Weather's about to break down here in the south, but it was ideal yesterday for a job we had cleaning the roof of a marquee 35' long that had been put away damp and gone a bit mouldy. No wind and wall to wall sunshine for 6 hours was a tall order here, but we had it. :)
    We've found at least 4 wee hedgehogs are living under a bush in the garden. When we don't have visitors we'll weigh them. I think they have to be 0.6kg to get through winter, but if winter's like last year they might be OK anyway. Our neighbour has been feeding them, but their garden is devoid of shelter and half the time the wildlife camera catches one of our cats having a top-up! :D
    I wouldn't like to guess where Covid measures will go next. The government seems to be parodying an ineffectual teacher; constantly chiding, making threats and being generally reactive, rather than having a clear sense of where it's going. I think, perhaps, the Swedes got it right after all.
    As soon as Boris threatened tough action, two parts of our extended family hit the M5 and headed here, so we have folks in the house and in the caravan! One lot go home today, or maybe both. After that, we'll lock the place down ourselves. We have one local person in our social bubble and that will be it if there's a spike here. At present it's one of the safest locations in the country, mainly because it's low density and people generally behave well.
  • Morning has broken, taking the weather with it. :|
    We've weighed the 4 hedgehogs now and none is over 240g, so it looks like we have a fattening-up job on now! :/
    One lot of visitors has departed and the other two  have stayed as the driver has Covid-like cough symptoms, but no fever, so I'm not freaking-out.....yet!  :# Anyway, it's too late to do anything.....
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    This may seem trivial but I have lived in my semi-detached dormer bungalow all my life, it was my mum and dad's house till dad died 5 years ago. 4 years ago the house next door changed hands and it has been one thing after another firstly they placed a trampoline right next to my garden fence, then they raised their garden by 2 feet so my 6 foot garden fence offers me now no privacy, they then wanted me to buy another fence as they complained they had no privacy. Then they altered the house removing walls, the fireplace and presumably putting down hard floors as I now hear every footstep, word spoken, everything really. Now this month it's back to my back garden fence dad paid £1400 for this 7 seven years ago,it states in the deeds it is our fence, it is slightly over into my garden by two inches as the previous owner could be awkward I have had garden pots on it for 2 years during the last month my neighbour has again begun yelling at me over the fence (literally and regarding the fence) she removed my pots and told me they have attached lights to my fence and I cannot have pots on the fence. I said it was my fence and I wanted pots on there and that she couldn't attach things to my fence without my permission, she then removed my pots again and said I was stupid and mental and that I could not have pots on my fence. So the pots are now on the floor where she threw them and I literally dare not go in the garden she has a very bad temper and I hate confrontation. Is she allowed to do this remove my pots as she has attached something to my fence, surely it's my fence? I would appreciate any advice to help me with this. Thank you
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