EDreams Flights shambles

My flights on Monday 24tg August we’re booked and paid £660 for 2 flights to Kefalonia. Given seat numbers and payment taken by Edreams. Arrived at Manchester airport to check in with Jet2 and they have no record of our flights. Edreams won’t reply and we still haven’t heard from the company. The helpline is expensive. Any ideas how I can get my money back? So upset. 


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    When you arrived at MAN was there actually a Jet2 flight operating (but you were just not booked on to it)?

    When did you book?

    What was the flight number?

    What exactly did the Jet2 airport team tell you at MAN?
  • We booked the day before. We were given seat numbers and told it was Jet2 flight. The airport team said we weren’t booked on that flight but the seats we’d been given were still available but would have to pay £226 for them. However the return flight we should have been on was fully booked. The airport Jet2 staff were kind- they said that something similar happened a few weeks back. They took us away from the check in desk.
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    We booked the day before. 
    edreams are a third party that do not have live pricing and availability. On their site you make a "booking request" 
    their process explains when you make your request you will receive a first confirmation email then....."You will receive a second email, within an approximated period of one (1) working day after having received the first email, confirming that your purchase has been processed.  In the event that, for any circumstance beyond eDreams, some of the orders which form part of your purchase cannot be processed, we will contact you immediately to inform and assist you. "
    I suspect that they never got round to dealing with your request before the flight - did you get the second email?
    some good lessons learnt -
    • airline websites have live pricing and availability, flights within the next 72 hours should be booked direct with the airline as there is no guarantee that a third party will process requests in time
    • when tempted by a cheap (non-live) fare on a comparison site make sure you check out their reviews and fully understand the terms and conditions (edreams are a pretty complained about bunch and probably one you would have avoided had you checked them out)
    • check your booking on the airline website - could have saved you a trip to the airport
    The hold on your card should have dropped off / funds refunded when edreams realised they could not fulfil your request. Contact your card company for a chargeback

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    As above.
    Sound like you made a booking REQUEST to eDreams.
    Booking with Jet2 directly would have been much easier than booking with this poor reputation Spanish online ticket seller. 

  • Hi thank you for the reply. I didn’t realise it was a booking request. A big lesson learnt. 
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