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freezing sprouts

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  • Suppose you could put some in a saucepan with boiling water add a vegetable stock cube,chopped potato and half an onion chopped. Then blitz with a hand blender ?
    I do same with left over broccoli

    Not sure about freezing them,but they would need to be part cooked first then drained well
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    Sprout soup????????

    Arent they a little strongly flavoured to make a soup?

    I'd do the sniff test and if they dont smell funny or feel slimy then I'd blanch for a couple of mins and then plunge them into icy water and freeze

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    I ALWAYS freeze sprouts at Christmas as I love them and buy them when they are cheap. We have just had Xmas dinner (always do as our New Year's Day tradition) and we have cooked extra potatoes, parsnips and sprouts to make bubble and squeak for tomorrow's tea plus some sprouts and spuds blanched for the freezer.

    I find it is helpful not to overdo them (so not fully cooked for example) and freeze them in a tub if you have one, until solid, then you can bag them. Othwise they go a bit mushy.

    My OH has (only half jokingly) just suggested freezing some more to lob at the squirrels who are eating all our bird seed and nuts, not to mention the two woodpeckers who have wrecked my wooden peanut feeder. Grrrr

  • kunekunekunekune Forumite
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    Yes! Sprout soup is fantastic. This recipe is based on one from Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book, one of the great cookery books of all time (her version doesn't have bacon but it's good, all cabbage soups need bacon after all).

    Sweat some onion and chopped bacon in butter. Add quartered sprouts and other veges: potato and celeriac or potato and chopped celery. Cook for a while, don't let it brown. Then add lots of water and some chicken stock powder. Cook until tender, then liquidise. FREEZE AT THIS POINT.

    When you want to eat it, defrost and warm. Then add a generous dollop of cream and season it (actually, full fat milk would probably do, but I've always done it with cream).
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    Got some reduced sprouts this evening at Morrisons, want to freeze them. Has anyone tried? do you blanche them, if so, how long for?Usually do this in steamer. Easier than pans of hot water somehow.
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    I have never done it myself but my mum and mum in law both have.My mum just puts them in the freezer as they, on the odd occassion they have had freezer burn but you remove the outer leaves anyway so it doesnt matter.My mum in law blanches and I think they are then really mushy once defrosted but thats how they like them.
    Perhaps split the bag and do them both ways to see how they turn out.
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  • demented_2demented_2 Forumite
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    purpleivy wrote: »
    Got some reduced sprouts this evening at Morrisons, want to freeze them. Has anyone tried? do you blanche them, if so, how long for?Usually do this in steamer. Easier than pans of hot water somehow.
    Hi I have frozen Brussels for years, prepare them as you would do if you were cooking them fresh, pop them into a pan of boiling water for about 2 mins and then run them under cold water, or plunge the brussels into a pan/bowl of cold water, to cool down, strain them and then either open freeze them on a tray or put them into a freezer bag. I did all my sprouts 2 months before Christmas, and they were perfect. If you open freeze them, they will not be all mushed up together in a blob. Do just the same with carrots as well. Hope this is of some help. :D
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  • Old_JoeOld_Joe Forumite
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    Someone is sure to say it's a no-no, but after preparing the sprout I just freeze them directly without bothering to blanch them, with no ill effects.
  • HoraceHorace Forumite
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    I bought a sprout top on Friday as I was expecting to have a visitor all this week, instead they had work to do and so had to go back today. I now have a glut of sprouts includeng the sprout cabbage to use up and there's only me. I knoww that sprouts can be frozen because I have a bag of them lurking in the bowels of the freezer that I picked up in Tesco back in 2006:eek: The sprouts on the sprout top are the sweetest, yummiest things and I would hate to waste them - how do I freeze them? Do I have to blanch them and if so how do I do it?:confused:
  • Pink.Pink. Forumite
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    Hi Horace,

    I find they are best blanched first. Boil some water, put the sprouts into it and let them boil for about a minute. Remove the sprouts and plunge into cold water. Drain and allow them to cool and dry before freezing.

    There's an earlier thread that should help so I'll add your post to it to keep the suggestions together.

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