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My partner and I were in Mexico, and we wed had a horrific time of it and, well, we long story short we were sat down with a few Mexican police officers. Contrary to the stereotypes they were pretty cool.. They knew we'd had a good load of problems and we were OK really, but anyway they went in as it started to rain, and we though having not seen such weather before watched the storm. 
The situation had led to us wearing the same clothes for four days and my partner hadn't even got any shoes!
Just then we heard a man crying.. Wailing in the street "my son" my son" he yelled.. Jason my partner asked him if he was aright. He could not calm down so Jason put his arm around the man and his hand on the nans Hart, and I put a blanket around him. It turned out that the man was homeless and his son had litteraly just been shot in the shop across from the police station! Despite his horrible circumstances he saw Jason had on no shoes and immediately gave him his own, and he heard our basic pathetic in compensation problems and disappeared for a few moments, and he returned with a shirt and a pair of mens jeans each for us!!
We could not believe that a man who had so little and had lost so much was so beautiful of soul that as soon as he saw Jasons feet he without thinking gave what he could... That night will stay with me forever.. 


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