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Dear Forumites,

I’m posting today to give you some important news about the MSE Forum.

Earlier this year, we took the ambitious step to move the Forum onto a new platform. This involved migrating a whopping 1.9m accounts and millions of posts, but we successfully did it, and just before the world was shaken by the outbreak of Coronavirus.


Despite the pandemic and the need to focus much of our resource into helping and supporting users through these extraordinary times, work on shaping and developing the Forum hasn’t stopped. We’ve further exciting  improvements to the Forum website in the pipeline, based on your feedback. But we also want to make sure that the way we run the Forum – our community management -  reflects the changing needs of our users and how we interact online.


The way social media operates is almost unrecognisable from when Martin started the Forum all those years ago. Community management is being forced to evolve at break-neck speed, with social platforms grappling with a whole raft of issues.  As one of the biggest forums in the UK, we see it as our responsibility and duty to lead the way in making MSE’s online community one that is safe, friendly, and a ‘home’ for you – not only now, but for years to come.


So, I want to tell you about the next big step for the MSE Forum. We have invited a team of independent auditors into MSE to assess and review how we run the Forum. Over the next few months, they will scrutinise every aspect of our community management, including how we deal with abusive users and inappropriate behaviour. And, crucially, how we protect our users and staff from the impact of this.


We’re committed to hearing about how we can improve on our current practices and stand ready to make substantial, industry-leading changes, if necessary.


In the history of the MSE Forum, this is ground-breaking work, and it’s driven by our determination to do the very best by our users. You shouldn’t experience any disruption to the Forum while the audit is being carried out and, of course, we will update you on the outcome as soon as we can.


MSE Marcus, Editor-in-Chief


  • J_BJ_B Forumite
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    Wondering how long it will be before this thread is 'closed'
    Surely, someone must have a positive comment on this 'new improved' forum? 😉
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    J_B said:
    Wondering how long it will be before this thread is 'closed'
    Surely, someone must have a positive comment on this 'new improved' forum? 😉
    It will probably be closed due to lack of interest. Tucked away with less than 100 views.

    I suppose then they can say they consulted board users and invited feedback to the auditors but there was little interest.
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    Thread is

    New: Forum announcement

    My guess is you went to a FAKE Netgear site .

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