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    I still havent heard anything. notice period runs out in a week. I am on the ultmate oomph for £99, new customers get it for £89 , they want £139 from me after next week. I would like to stay but not for £139 but my wife is working from home so do need reliable broadband ( sky isnt reliabale here)
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    Phone them again and ask if they have any offers.    You might be on hold for a while, but you might get a result.
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    Its really silly. I'd have been happy to stay with Virgin if they'd just have given me the same package as new customers can get. I really hate this whole new customer deals thing - if they can offer it to new customers then why can't I have it?  What difference does it make? Well now they won't earn anything from me as I will go somewhere else.

    Unless these packages are loss leaders then it makes no sense - surely its better to have a customer you're making a profit from (even though its lower than before) than to not have that customer.

    The only worry now is the reliability of the standard BT line network. I'll be going for something like 50 Mbps package but when I last had BT line broadband (over 10 years ago) the line speeds were much more variable.

    I just spent an hour cleaning up and reconnecting the old BT line master socket - it had been extended by previous occupants and the wiring was a mess so I stripped it all out and re-made the original master connection into a new socket.
    Hope somebody's phoned you by now (or soon) - just had somebody from VM offer me £33 per month rather than the £54.50 I was previously on (and the £45 I was offered yesterday).  Got more channels that I probably won't watch as well, but it's nigh on what new customers get and so I took it (once I confirmed what the other deals on offer were).  Just waiting for the confirmation e-mail to arrive.

    VM will probably hike up the price every few months by a few quid like what they usually do, but I'm happy for now.

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    I just had the retention call!

    I also got offered the £33 package deal and also bolted on a 5Gb mobile SIM for an extra £2 a month so £35 all in.

    I'd have been paying circa £20-25 for broadband if I'd have switched away, plus carried on paying my existing £10.50 for SIM only mobile as well so all in all I think that's a good price and I get to keep TV and their landline (even though I never use it).

    Their best price for broadband only was £28 but an extra £7 for phone, TV and SIM is pretty good so I'm pleased with it.
  • daztractiondaztraction Forumite
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    That's excellent, nice one!  Wonder if it's the same guy who sorted us out?
  • photomephotome Forumite
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    Phone them again and ask if they have any offers.    You might be on hold for a while, but you might get a result.
    I phoned yesterday Got through instantly to a lady in the uk.  Couldnt get the Ulitimate OOmph bundle for £99 which is what I am currently paying, (they now want £139)  but I did get it reduced to £110 for 18 months, so came away reasonably happy
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    Thanks to this forum and thread got the better hand when dealing with VM. Had a bespoke deal of £67 which a renewal came to £94. Made 2 phones calls and not a lot could be done, I would end paying a lot more than what I am currently paying so then the following happened: -
    - I cancelled contract Saturday and received confirmation of last day and instructions how to return kit.
    - Partner signed up same day with new contract, Saturday, through TopCashBack. Got the £89 offer for oomph deal and a £140 cashback, now confirmed. 
    - Contracts followed confirming start date day after cease on my current contract and delivery of kit
    - Monday receive a call from Loyalty team, "what can we do to keep you". Advised made a couple of calls but nothing could be done. "Well we can do a £66 for everything you have", so £1 cheaper despite being told twice no way. I was upfront and advised what I had done but Loyalty team couldn't match new customer offer so going ahead with cancellation. 

    So Virgin are getting more money out of me but I am getting more services, cashback and VM having to pay for return of equipment and supply of new equipment. How is this good for anyone? As much as VM may want to change this I can't see how they can as its 2 separate legal agreements for 2 different people so I do not feel bad about doing what we have done, annoyed at VM for making us take this course of action. 

  • Rosa_DamascenaRosa_Damascena Forumite
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    VM's MO is just nuts. I am leaving them after 20 years and if I return it will be on a better deal as these are reserved for new customers. Ultimate I want my broadband, and I want it for less.
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    Out of contract and price shot up to £67 per month. One phone call to VM (“want to leave” option) and got it down to £32 per month for 18 months. Saving myself £630 in the process.

    -    Player TV (M)
    -    M100 Fibre Broadband
    -    Telephone Line Rental (talk weekends)

    -    V6 Box
    -    Additional Tivo Box

    All for £32 per month for 18 months.

    I know in the past it was always a case of giving notice to cancel and not accepting the deal offered at the time but to wait for someone from Outbound Retentions to call and offer a much better deal. However last year and the year before, the deal offered by Outbound was WORSE than what I was offered by the operator when I called in. Hence just accepting the price of £32 per month this time around.

    Has anyone managed to get a better deal on the above? Basic package with an extra box (so without an extra box my deal works out at £24.50 per month)

  • hardleyouthhardleyouth Forumite
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    My fibre broadband contract ends with Virgin Media on the 7th.  I detest VM customer services with a passion and have no interest in renegotiating with them, and Community Fibre have offered me a price match of £23.50 for a 150mbps fibre to the property connection so I'm leaving.

    My question is now that I have reached the end of the contract, I presume I don't need to provide a month's notice to Virgin?  Can I literally just say a data and they charge me pro-rata for the days I need until the new provider's connection is in place?  I have tried to check the contract but the 'my account' of the VM webpage is down for me (of course). 
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