Lending Stream Delaying Refund

I would be interested if anyone has any advise regarding a complaint to Lending Stream 
Timeline of my complaint:
30/04/2020: Raise complaint via resolver.
29/05/2020: Chase complaint.
30/06/2020: Escalate case as no response. 
07/07/2020: Receive final decision and offer of a refund and advise I should respond to confirm I accept the offer and confirm the bank details they have on file are correct, then they will send the refund in 28 days. 
07/07/2020: I respond that I accept the offer, advise that the bank details are the same but my name has changed and offer to send a copy of my marriage certificate if needed. 
03/08/2020: Receive email (27 days days later!) asking for a copy of my marriage certificate and once received they will "begin the refund process"
03/08/2020: I email back with the certificate and ask them to confirm when the refund will be issued, and if "starting the refund process" means I have to wait another 28 days

I've tried contacting them by phone but just keep going round an automated system, and they haven't responded to my email; my main concern given the current situation is that its obvious they are stalling the refund, is this because they are due to go into administration (I appreciate I might be paranoid here :smile:)

Any advise welcome 


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