Shall I merge my pensions



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    dunstonh said:
    dunstonh said:
    Should I merge these together or leave as they are?

    Or move it to another as a potential third option.   

    Almost certainly not feasible since one of them is their current employers scheme
    Not necessarily.  Quite a lot of people retain an individual pension in addition to a workplace one.   Then each time they change employers, they transfer the inactive workplace pension to their individual one.
    Yes but that's not what OP asked, they didn't ask what they should do after they leave but now.
    "I have 2 Scot Widows pensions - an old work one which converted to a personal pension when I left my last employer and a new work one which I was auto-enrolled onto by my current employer.   I am only contributing into the current work one.  Should I merge these together or leave as they are?"

    For that Q, merging them into a third pension whilst remaining with current employer is highly unlikely to be a good option 
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