Virgin Media are really struggling in lockdown, but if you are patient you can get a good deal...

What a palaver!
In a nutshell...
We were on the £125 "oopmh package" (we have a big shared house) it then stopped after 18 months and shot up to £165!!
So I called them many times (9 times in all!!) and they offered nothing better than £136.
So as you probably know you MUST tell them to disconnect your service (it takes 30 days) then within 3 days, I got a call from the "outbound calls only retentions dept" and they offered me a deal for £92 - which saved us £44 a month and with no loss of service!! 
So if in doubt get disconnected - then they'll talk to you! 
The problem is that they won't call you back from the special "outbound calls only retentions dept" - so when you get that call - make the deal there and then and make them put it on your account there and then (mine didn't initially). 
So, after 11 calls and a morning on the text service and a complaint on social media I have the deal made - I now know so much about VM that I could get a job there lol. 
All I need now is the confirmation email - here's hoping for a result!!
Happy hunting!! 


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