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I am a nurse working from home, at the beginning of the lockdown Sky increased my monthly payment from £26.00 to £33.00. This is for broadband and calls although I do not have a home phone. I have tried to contact Sky as I think the increase is disgusting and that I am being held to ransom as I need to work and cannot be offline while the lines are switched to another provider. I cannot get in contact with Sky as they are on reduced staffing, but ironically they have rung me to sell me a TV package. Can anyone please help. 


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    You do not need to have a home phone . The charge is for the landline and BB .
    Often call are thrown in with BB .
    Why did Sky increase payment ?? end of contract  and now paying standard price .
    Price rise  .
    What does your account say re price and what is your contract .
    Moving ISP   You do not need to speak to Sky its all gaining provider led  << But if you are in contract with Sky you will need to pay the remaining months .
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    I managed to get SKY to answer within 30 seconds a couple of weeks ago and their online chat is often available too, as you are working from home, plenty of opportunity to keep trying.

    Most broadband and phone contracts have a fixed, discounted term and then revert to full price, so you need to put a reminder in your smartphone or an online calendar next time so you know when the merry-go-round of negotiations starts again.
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    Mr_Why said:
    I need to work and cannot be offline while the lines are switched to another provider.
    I imagine your situation is difficult, but presumably your work must make some allowance for people's home connections to drop, as happens to many of us, and wouldn't being offline for a bit as the line switches over basically be similar to that? Could mobile data work as a stand-in during the changeover if being offline for a bit is absolutely not possible? But yeah it is frustrating that we have to spend time doing all this switching to avoid getting ripped off...
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    Just be patient , you will get through , just ignore any messages such as , " we are prioritising are vunerable customers.
    I have called three times recently and had not problem getting through .
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