To gym or not to gym?

 Before lockdown I had been a gym member for a couple of years, did a regular PT session and an occasional class. Definitely felt fitter for it.  During lockdown I ramped up my cycling and have been doing (a leisurely) 20-35 km several times a week.  I feel that it has done me a lot of good and my stamina is definitely better.  Now that the gym is reopening (but with no sauna or showers) I am wondering whether to give it up or not.  I’ll still be cycling at least 3 times a week and probably 4 times.

In terms of improving/maintaining fitness Is cycling enough?  



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    Apart from lifting relatively heavy weights, what do you do in a gym that you can't do at home?

    I run (outside), I cycle (outside), I do actually have an 80k weight* set, but rarely lift more than 40k (bad back), and my wife has a new rowing machine** I can use.  Because of lockdown you can find on Youtube all sorts of "at home" exercises you can do.  I've been a weight trainer for years and I was amazed at the ingenuity with which some people use resistance bands.  You can do circuit training where the exercises are limited only by your imagination.

    I suspect the biggest problem may be that if you are cycling four times a week x 12 - 20 miles at a "leisurely" pace, then you'll need some higher intensity exercise.

    Except on safety grounds I've never seen the attraction of gym membership.  Some machines and some heavy weight exercises are dangerous if attempted on your own - so don't do them at home.

    *I was amazed a couple of weeks ago somebody was asking on here where they could buy an olympic weight set.  An olympic bar is 7 feet long and weighs 20kg before you even put any plates and collars on it!   A recipe for disaster at home.

    **Buy a rowing m/c and other equipt by not spending on gym fees.
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    Ta.  I tried exercising at home during lockdown and found it very hard to motivate myself to do it, or to keep going once started. I suppose my problem is that  I am naturally a couch potato.
    With the gym I have to turn up for my appointment with the PT, so exercising is sort of forced on me.  With the bike there’s loads to see, places to explore. Much more fun than just going for a walk.
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    OK - I can understand that.  Self-motivation never really a problem for me.
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    Of course it will be better to go to gym there you will be more motivated, but if you want to go on for sport you will do it at home too
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    You'll need some variation in your exercises, for your own sanity and so your training other parts of your body. 
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    . You should definitely continue your trainings.

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    I've recently joined an online lifestyle channel where I can practise Yoga live with and instructor or via catchup recorded sessions if i'm busy. They also offer fitness classes, healthy eating advice and loads of other stuff. 
    The woman that runs it is really nice and its very informal and fun.
    They offer a free 7 day trial so if anyones interested have a look.
  • As long as you exercise and the food you eat is healthy you maintain your figure and your health.
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    If you feel necessary, it will be better to add some upper limb and abdominal exercises
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    I got fitter exercising at home. In the gym I did a bit on the treadmill, a bit on the rowing machine. I then got the les Mills app and do workouts at home and go out running. 
    Its cheaper and I find it easier to motivate myself if I don’t need to travel anywhere. 

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