Where to sell this?

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I have a children’s music box made by Reuge in Switzerland.
Only so many made. I’m wondering where to sell it. 
It was a prize I won that my children are not interested in unfortunately.
Its RRP is £900.
Im scared of posting it as it’s delicate and obviously with its value.
Any ideas?


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    How about auction? Must be specialist ones for this.
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    I’ve no idea which auction tho tbh. Don’t know where to start. It’s absolutely beautiful and deserves to be displayed. At the moment it’s in its box 
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    EBay appear to show them selling between £5 and £600 so it seems some are valuable and some less so. If you are uncomfortable with selling on eBay then I think the suggestion of a bricks and mortar auction is a good one, just look for auction houses near to you , there are hundreds scattered all around the country, contact them and ask for their advice. Always check their costs though as they can be hefty. 
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    you can also use google to investigate auction houses that specialise in musical instruments, music boxes etc.
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