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Best bread machine?

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I was in 2 minds whether to post this here or in the buying forum, but I want the opinions of folks who are using their bread machine regularly, so I figured that would be you guys. Way back it used to be that Panasonic were the Rolls Royce of bread machines - is that still the case? Are there other brands that are worth considering?


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    WhitefiverWhitefiver Forumite
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    My 15 year old Panasonic is still going strong, and is in use 3 or 4 times a week at the moment. I have had to have a catch for the seed dispenser made (3d printing) but that's all. When it eventually breaks, I shall buy another Panasonic. My experience of other brands is obviously limited - sorry.
  • belfastgirl23belfastgirl23 Forumite
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    I’ve got a Panasonic too. Have it 10+ years and still going strong. I got one without a seed dispenser but I add a load of seeds in with the bread and it works fine. Highly recommend!

  • LucyeffLucyeff Forumite
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    I'm on my second Panasonic in 15 years. The nut dispenser on the 2nd has never worked properly and I still use the recipe book for the first model, but I would absolutely buy another Panasonic if this one conked. Maybe not with the nut dispenser next time as I have found I don't actually need it.
  • takataka Forumite
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    I have a Morphy Richards fastbake It is my first breadmaker and I didn't know how much I'd use it so didn't want to spend a fortune just in case. Works well for me still ~7 years down the line - have just had some herb bread from it for lunch. When I had my kitchen redone the shelving in my utility cupboard (too small to be a utility room!) was optimised to make sure I could open and use it easily, I like it that much. :) I'd happily buy this again.
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    Sky_Sky_ Forumite
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    I had a couple of cheapish breadmakers (including an early Morphy Richards--I assume they've improved since then), but the bread wasn't a patch on the bread we made by hand so they weren't used much.  Then I was given a Panasonic for Christmas about 15-20 years ago and I've never looked back.  The first one, used at least daily, stopped working a couple of years ago and we replaced it immediately with another nut dispenser Panasonic.  It's only used once or twice a week these days for bread (mostly just DH and I at home nowadays) and occasionally used to make cake or jam, but I still wouldn't be without it.
  • GaleSF63GaleSF63 Forumite
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    I also have a Panasonic - now about 20 years old I think - used steadily though not frequently. I will also get another Panasonic when the time comes. 
  • maddiemaymaddiemay Forumite
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    Panasonic for me too, mine is about 10 years old. Prior to that I had an early (less expensive) Morphy Richards one, like others here I would certainly by another Panny.
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  • 328jac328jac Forumite
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    A friend bought a Panasonic years ago and recommended it. I then bought the model with seed dispenser and have used it sometimes and it’s fine. But use actual breadmaker 4 x a week - love it and would have to replace if it broke as count b without it. I make dough for pizza and rolls too. During lockdown I had to source different flours and I’ve had some lovely bread. 
  • BecketBecket Forumite
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    I had a couple of cheap breadmakers years ago and they were not much good, never consistent and much of the bread ended up on the bird table!.
    Since then for 20+ years I have 2 Panasonics and are in use almost daily and are brilliant.
    One of the machines has the nut dispenser which I use a lot for seeded bread but you can add seeds, nuts etc easily enough to machines without this and it tells you when to add the seeds with bleeps!
    I got a Panasonic SD 255 (with dispenser) for nothing on Freecycle as the woman liked to get new models as they came out!!
    Looking at the other replies I think the 'panni' wins!
  • Be_HappyBe_Happy Forumite
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    I had the panasonic for years and loved it.  Now, widowed and downsized, I gave it away as no need for large loaves and no space for it.  Would love to buy one of the small breadmakers and wonder if anyone has experience of the small Lakeland one?  Had a cheap one years ago and had to cut the mixer out of the bread everytime and don't want to experience that again.
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