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How do I get Opodo to refund me for Flybe flights? 1. I booked Flybe flights through Opodo   2. Flybe went into administration, pre-Covid19. 3. Opodo are impossible to reach through chat and phone (long wait and then hang up/cut off).  4. They have just sent me an email saying the flight is cancelled due to Covid19 (!!!) and offering me a voucher! MSE advice is to call to arrange cash refund, but when I call, they hang up on me because my flight is not in the next 3 days. Any tips please? (And I will NEVER use Opodo again!)


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    If Opodo are indeed offering a voucher for your FlyBe flight I wouldn't discount it - in fact I might grab it.

    FlyBe went into administration and if you booked just a flight-only and are unable to make a S75 claim then you just become an unsecured creditor.  Typically when people book via these third party online ticket sellers these companies wipe their hands of the matter.  I think rarely are refunds given.

    Here is what Opodo have on their website abut FlyBe -

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    Sal_123 said:
    How do I get Opodo to refund me for Flybe flights? 
    you don't. Opodo took your money and gave it to Flybe to book a flight. Third parties can only refund when they receive the funds back from the airline....in the case of Flybe being bankrupt that won't happen.
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    I'm in the same situation as Sal_123.  I would add that Opodo won't state their position in writing, only by phone.  Without written confirmation my John Lewis (HSBC) Credit Card, won't allow an S75 claim. As for HSBC/John Lewis I am astounded by the way the have talked around the situation but done nothing.  Pushing the question around to different departments, inconsistent information, arghh.  I received a long response after 2 months, effectively telling me they would close the request BUT demanded by surface mail in 14 days!     Both parties seem to be working together to frustrate their customer and avoid paying up.   I will NEVER use Opodo again and am looking forward to changing my credit card too!  
    I don't understand is why Opodo can't put this in writing and why they can carry out business without taking any risk (see Caz3121 above) - if they don't carry business insurance for this issue what is the point in using a 3rd party, flights cost the same?

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    Failing to help me get a refund from Virgin Atlantic. Trying to bounce me into unwanted vouchers (and a fee for them). They dodge and lie. Promise to call back then don't. Phone line closed. Emails bounced. Twitter messages unanswered. They deserve to go bankrupt.
    They simply have to request a refund from Virgin Atlantic but decline to do so.
    Do not use this travel agent. Do pursue them relentlessly as I am. Do out and shame them for their neglect of their customers.
    Opodo are far and away the worst travel business I have ever dealt with and a stain on the industry.
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    Can someone please help! 

    I booked return flights through opodo start of the year with jet 2 and Ryan Air. I have confirmation emails and transaction details from the airlines confirming the money was refunded to opodo account at the beginning of June. 

    I have requested my money about 15 times from Opodo who keep hanging up on me/cutting me off/ saying they haven’t received it when I have all the transaction details and ID. 

    How Am I meant to get my money back from them? 
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    I would suggest that people try MCOL against Opodo. Opodo will presumably claim that they are only an agent but this does not really stand up in the UK.
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    This appears to be the relevant legislation;  Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018
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    The Package Travel Regulations do not apply to bookings for flights on their own at all. Opodo appears to be a shambles at the best of times and only work if everything can be done online. They simply do not have the resources to deal with situations like this, look at the list of the worst agents, and they are all online.
    If you have proof that the refunds have been made, and that is important, then the agent is in breach of contract with you for failing to deal with them. That should allow you to make a claim against the card you used to buy the tickets in the first place. It is vital you tell the card company you are not looking for a refund from an airline in this case, as they have completed their job but that the agent has a legal obligation to refund the money they hold and it is that you are looking to recover
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