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I know this is the wrong forum.. but I am stuck!

Hello all, 
I am a lurker rather than a poster.. but hoping someone can help!
I am due to go to Cornwall (Par Sands) with my 8 year old son (it's just the two of us) during the first week of the summer holidays. For various reasons; our days need to be planned and organised as much as possible; so was looking for some tips on the best beaches (within 30 mins drive of Par Sands, as the Par Sands beach is dog friendly, so only really suitable for an evening walk perhaps); and hoping to then narrow down places we can arrange/book to eat out at lunch time (plan to have evening meals in the caravan). Also, some activities to break up our trip; as 5 days on the beach, especially if weather is poor, could get tedious.
I thought the most relevant forum would be UK holidays section but it looks like cannot post anything in the UK holidays section of the forum, and I cannot find out why?? Does anyone know? Or can anyone point out some good websites for researching Cornwall?



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