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Thames Water bill hike

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Thames Water bill hike

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sortoutbills222sortoutbills222 Forumite
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Just been informed by my elderly mother that her Thames water bill has recently doubled with no notification or explanation. I’m sure I have read recently that water bills were coming down ! Anybody help/advise ?


  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Is she on a meter ?   Perhaps an estimated bill for some reason. 

    You need to see a copy of this and recent bills.
    Never pay on an estimated bill
  • Diana2014Diana2014 Forumite
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    If her household income is very low, she could have been on one of their social tariffs; see

    I've only just found out about those tariffs myself but have claimed a wastewater abatement (now worth very little, as most of the charge is fixed, not volume-dependent) for many years. That claim has to be renewed periodically, so if your mother has had some such rebate etc before, it would be worth checking whether that claim has to be renewed.

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