Tenant in India

Can anyone help...
I have a tenant who went to India in Feb 2020 to visit family, with the intention of returning after 2 months. I had said that I would keep the room available for him as long as he returned after 2 months. I had agreed to charge him half rent for that period, the rent would be payable on his return.
He rents a room in a shared property that I own, I do not live in the property myself. He initially had an AST for 6 months which has now passed and has rolled on from month to month.  
No rent has been paid for the room since his departure. I have messaged and he has said that he'll be returning, but doesn't know when. I have messaged and asked him to transfer some rent into my bank account - no reply. What are my options?
Can I evict because I still have to pay utility, mortgage, council tax etc? I need that room to be occupied, otherwise financially it's not worth having the property. He may not return for a substantial amount of time and he won't answer my messages.
Thanks in anticipation for your help.


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    That’s odd for him to not reply. Are his belongings still in the room? I know there are no international flights for India since March and they haven’t been reinstated yet but doesn’t explain why he can’t reply to you or transfer the rent if interested in holding onto the room. Might be best to email him stating you will evict of you don’t receive the rent that is due? 
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    He's a tenant.
    Serve a S21 Notice (addressed to him at the property, copy to India) AND a S8 G8 (likewise).
    But sadly courts are not currently sitting.Just get in line....
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