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Sewing machine

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rustywalletrustywallet Forumite
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Hi, I have a new sewing machine, I've only used it for a few weeks and its jamming. The top thread wasnt feeding down, so piling up, and the bobbin thread (which is nearly finished) feels very tight in the bobbin case. Any ideas what the problem is before I start undoing bits? Thanks. 


  • Chloe901Chloe901 Forumite
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    Sounds like something is getting stuck/snagged somewhere. Whenever I have issues like this I always start by totally un-threading everything. Get the little brush which probably came in your accessories bag and give the bobbin case a good dust. Then re-thread everything. My equivalent of switching it off and on again!
    Beyond that, I'd try an internet search for your make and model and see if/how you can adjust the tension. Might also be worth changing the needle and trying a scrap of different fabric to see if that helps. 
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  • rustywalletrustywallet Forumite
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    Thanks. Impatiently yesterday (before your response) I took bobbin in and out of bobbin case and loosened the screw until the thread came out smoothly. It seems to work now. It's a bit odd as it was working fine before, I only got the machine in April. I loosened it quite a lot. Thanks.
  • SewingProSewingPro Forumite
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    You need to clean the bobbin area thoroughly from all lint, dust, small pieces of fabric, thread, etc. If you have a metal or heavy-duty sewing machine, then clean it with a brush and cloth from inside out, oil it, and run stitches on scrap fabric. Your sewing machine would be working fine now.
    If you have a Janome, brother, or any other plastic body machine, you may skip oiling the machine step, do the internal cleaning, taking threads out with a small brush, if possible remove the feeder dog and bobbin case and clean thoroughly and then screw things up again. 
    After all this cleaning, try the machine on scrap fabric, and I am sure your machine would be happy to work again. I hope it helps.
    In case you still feel the trouble, check if the thread in bobbin is smoothly filled and there are no tangles. Clear that up too.
  • sewingexpert420sewingexpert420 Forumite
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    Hello dear, which model is this?
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